Graine & Ficelle bites into nature’s life. In the hinterland of Nice, Isabella’s farm marries the hilly slopes of Saint-Jeannet. Here, the organic vegetable garden is king. Halfway up the hill, the eco-lodge tents nestle between oak forest, henhouse and donkey farm, and the summer kitchen overlooks a natural pool. In the name of health, Isabella celebrates life outdoors, sharing her fetish seeds and her healthy and gourmet recipes. A philosophy of everyday life where you sow for life… where it is good to « cultivate our garden ».

Free by nature…
Under Graine & Ficelle’s eco-lodge tents, nature meets a warm lifestyle and cultivates a gourmet spirit. In a preserved Côte d’Azur, only fifteen kilometres from the sea, this pretty farm is ideal for letting go.

This is how Isabella wanted it, by setting up her tents on a 13,000 square meters plot of land in Saint-Jeannet, where she cultivates her orchards and vegetable gardens, gives cooking lessons and welcomes small groups for wellness stays. As open to the outside as they are intimately cocoon, the large tents decorated with mottled furniture and a touch of modernity secret a soft comfort in joyful tones. In the tent, a bathroom, an indoor kitchen and an outdoor kitchen with its plancha. Under the great oaks, time murmurs, life suspends its frenetic quest.

Let’s take the time to think about the world differently.

What if his bucolic classes teach us to eat something else? What if a few nights in harmony with nature would allow you to regenerate yourself? What if the organic vegetable garden is the key to good health? Gourmand by nature, curious mind, Isabella adapts simple gestures for a different and diversified cuisine, she looks for alternatives to dairy products, to gluten sensitivity… In her own way she is an explorer. Without ever depriving herself, she renews tastes and pleasures by cultivating the crunchy, the lively, the colour to re-enchant her table from fresh vegetables and fruit.

A vision attentive to natural ecosystems and Permaculture are also at the heart of its commitments to create harmonious and sustainable facilities.

From the rhythm of the seasons to the organic vegetable garden, from the natural swimming pool to eco-lodge… Harmony is not far away, balance at hand, vitality at the end of the road.

Price: 200€ per night for two people. (40€ per additional bed)
Wellness stays, yoga, massages, package on request.